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Lady Monika Bacardi – AMBI Gala

Lady Monika Bacardi – AMBI Gala

Monika Bacardi's Passions: Art and 7th Art

l'Opera de Monte Carlo has been aided by Amis de l'Opera (an organisation that Monika Bacardi (Ambigala) has contributed greatly to) for over 30 years. With a desire to promote the art of cinema the world over, AMBI Pictures produces commercial films for viewing by audiences the world over. Modern art and photography are Monika Bacardi's hobbies; she delights in the works of many photographers and artists. Wanting to assist the success of young film-makers was one of a number of justifications for her initiating AMBI Pictures, together with her passion for "The Seventh Art".

Monika Bacardi & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

Monika Bacardi's humanitarian involvements are numerous, but a special area in which she is involved is eco-sustainability. Raising the awareness of the effects people's pursuits have on the natural environment is something that she aims to accomplish via the foundation. A range of projects that have assisted the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation have been participated in by Monika Bacardi.

Monika Bacardi's Personal Life

Monika Bacardi spends some of her time at film galas, award ceremonies and charitable events because of her position as a humanitarian and distinguished status in the arts sector. She thinks that one should aim to work with a smile on one's face and should try to stay buoyant. An intense sensitivity to environmentally friendly and social considerations in her life are things that Monika Bacardi likes to express.

Monika Bacardi has had a lifelong empathy for humanity, which drives her beneficent activities. Monika Bacardi is very involved in the Principality’s cultural and charitable activities. Supporting a variety of localised beneficent entities, she assists in raising resources to support causes in connection with social concerns that are of special interest to her.